An Easy Way to Clean Artificial Flowers

flowers in vaseHaving ornamental flowers that are displayed in the home can add to the beauty of the home. Besides being able to make the house look beautiful, the colorful flowers also make your eyes fresh while looking at them.

But because it has been too long, those artificial flowers become dirty due to dust. And you do not need to throw it away if it’s dirty, because there is a great way to make your ornamental flowers return as good as new.

An easy way to clean artificial flowers is: Prepare a bucket of water that has been mixed with detergent, and then put the ornamental flowers in it. Stir the water slowly. So that dust and dirt on the flowers can be released. If the dirt in the flower cannot disappear, you can brush with a toothbrush gently.

After that, wash with clean water and then drain until they are completely dry. Now your beautiful ornamental flowers are clean and ready to display in your home again.

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