Creating a Connecting Room

Creating a Connecting RoomCreating a room that can be connected to other rooms is a challenge for us to design it. This applies whether you plan to make partition wall or not.

A good way to make a separate living area with a cohesive look is by integrate a distinctive pattern to remain continuous between one and the other room. Related pattern can be created with the selection of color. Texture and wall print will change the same room, but it looks different.
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Flower Wallpaper for Wall Decorating

flower wallpaperPeople have many reasons to line the walls in their house with wallpaper. One of them is to get the impression that the wall is more expressive. And there are a lot of pattern, motif and color of wallpaper so it could make the walls look more alive.

If you have a large enough room, and you are bored with the color of your walls, it is better to coat the walls with patterned wallpaper.

Such as flower motif. Display flower wallpapers in the room so as it could create calm and warm atmosphere.
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