Decorating a House for New Year

chair in lavender colorWe’ve been at the end of 2012. How is your preparation for the New Year 2013? Well, in 2013 will be dominated by the touch of light colors, you can mix and match the funny accent, fascinating and perfect relaxation to give the impression of warmer atmosphere in this season. Here is a list of colors for your reference in decorating a house for New Year.

Pink flower honeysuckle is the right choice to be applied at the beginning of the year, because it provides a warm and cheerful accent to your room. The large pattern and colorful flowers are very suitable to use in cushions, curtains and lamp shades.

Soft colors such as lavender can be applied to paint the walls, chairs or sheets, because the lavender color creates a sense of soft and warm. This is a good color to use because it can give the impression of a wider space but still elegant.

Blue Curacao
You could say blue Curacao is able to create more beautiful atmosphere in your home. This color exudes warmth with shades of blue sea that could provide a cool accent to the room. You can apply this color to paint the walls in a minimalist space. It’s also great to use on some accessories such as frames, chairs, and tableware.

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