Easy Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean

carpet cleaningCarpet is one of the favorites interior that usually applied by people in their house. Carpet not only help you to cover the floor, but also gives you a comfort and homey feeling in your house. But things go really confusing when you had to clean up your carpet. Some people might assume that cleaning carpet is something really difficult. The fact is they just don’t know the right steps to clean it up.

One of the carpet cleaning tips is that you should never let the stain dry out. You better clean it up right away because when the stain is still wet, it would be much easier to be cleaned up. You can use warm water to clean up the stain and remember to rub it gently. A rough rub will surely damage your carpet.

Other home carpet cleaning tips is to clean up your carpet using a vacuum cleaner routinely. You need to clean it up at least once a month to avoid dirt that might be collected in your carpet, causes a stinky smell that could bother you. Carpet that has a fluffy surface needs to be clean up more often because it is easier for this type of carpet to collect dust and dirt.

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