How to Clean the House Fast

cleaningHave you ever had to work quickly to clean up the house? How long does it take you to do in order to be clean and comfortable home as usual? Especially after New Year party held at the home, it will become a nightmare to clean. Well, here are tips to clean the house in a short time.

Do a survey
Look in every room, if there is something that needs to be cleaned, do it quickly. Choose some important documents to be stored in a safe place. Unused letters or papers should be thrown away.

Ask for family members to help
If you have big kids who can be reliable to clean the house, there is nothing wrong to ask them to help you. Keep the clean-up occasion as a fun way so they do not feel burdened. Give light duty in accordance with their capabilities.

Set a special basket
If you do not have time to wash your dirty clothes, then provide special basket to hide those dirty clothes, put in the laundry room. Thus there is no longer a dirty clothes littered in the room.

Clean the Kitchen
Often times we find very messy kitchen, to anticipate it, before you do the activity in the kitchen, prepare goods and containers to be needed. Clean the sink, oven and a knife with a special liquid to avoid crust attached. Do not forget to mop the kitchen because the kitchen floor usually often exposed to oil or grease splashes that cause the floor to be slippery.

Clean the floor
A dirty floor is indeed very problematic, immediately take a damp cloth and mop the floor. After that, clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner so that the house looks clean and tidy. Clean every room including the bathroom.

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