How to Remove Termites Easily

termiteThe presence of termites in your home is certainly very disturbing. The house and its furniture can be damaged eaten by termites. Frequently you find termites nesting in a wooden piece of furniture, such as wooden doors and windows. It obviously causes harm to you and your family.

However, there are quiet handy tips that you can try to remove termites in wood furniture.

These are the steps how to get rid of termites easily:
• Mix three tablespoons of motor oil and one tablespoon of diesel fuel then stir until smooth.

• Apply evenly throughout the surface of the wood and the window frame. Wait until oil and diesel fuel mixture is completely dry.

• After that, you can do repainting on the surface of the wood. However, before doing the painting, you can spray with Termite Killing Foam to prevent attacks from termites for the next day.

Good Luck!

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