How to Repair Cracked Ceramic Tiles on Floor

How to Repair Cracked Ceramic Tiles on FloorThe house is the most comfortable place to rest after a long day of activity in the workplace.

However, this convenience could be disrupted if some of the floor tiles in the house are damage.

In addition to make another tile floors to be damaged or cracked and separated, cracked tile floor is also very dangerous for the occupants of the house if it stepped on. Learn carefully how to repair cracked tiles on the floor:

* Remove the cracked ceramic tiles carefully so not to damage remains intact tile. Scrape the grout and old tile adhesive with a sharp object. After that, remove or dispose the old tiles to the bottom, until it is completely clean. The cleaner and smoother the subsurface, the longer the new tile will stay in place. Then install the replacement tile.

* If the tile grout is damage, you need to clean the tile grout first by scraping. Then flush the grout with clean water. Furthermore, fill the grout loopholes with a little liquid mixture and let it soak up inwards.

* By the time that stuffing is still a little bit dry, fill it with a more thick mixture and press to be dense. Before the stuffing is dry, wipe the remnants of filling material that are scattered on the floor surface with a dry cloth.

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