How to Save on Water Usage

tap waterClean water is very beneficial for humans, animals and plants. For that, let’s use water more wisely, here are simple ways to save water that you can do at home:

Check the condition of Water Pipe
To avoid wastage of water, you should immediately fix the water pipe problems such as leaking. For that check the condition of the pipe regularly so that water can be stored properly.

Close the tap while you brush your teeth
Sometimes you often forget to turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, thus the water is wasted in vain. From now close the tap when brushing your teeth, and turn it back on when you are going to rinse.

Make Biopori Hole
How to make Biopori Hole is very easy. Make a hole with diameter 10 cm. The hole is filled with organic waste. When it rains, the hole will be filled with water. The water will be absorbed into the ground and be tied as a source of ground water that we shall need as clean water supply.

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