Laundry Room Lighting Ideas: Things to Do For the Laundry Room

The laundry room is the regular place you will spend your time with. To make things great, you can apply certain changes in the room. You can keep the old laundry equipment. All you need to play around will be the wall, the window and the lighting.

laundry room lighting ideas

The window is playing important role in laundry room lighting ideas. The window will allow natural sunlight to come in. You can open the curtain and add natural lighting during the day. It will be another way to save the energy. Another detail that you can change is set on the wall. You can apply your favorite color. It also makes sense to apply energetic color such as red, yellow and orange. If you want to put your laundry time another relaxing experience, applying blue or green is the option. Once the wall and the window are done, you can set the lighting application. Brighter bulb will give good support especially during any night laundry. You can also add LED for the laundry table.

No matter how you choose the lighting option, it is important to make sure that you do not have any humidity issue. You can remove the old wallpaper. Opening the window during the sunny day will be the other way to limit the humidity.

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