Tips On How To Take Care Of Artificial Flowers Easily

artificial flowerHow wonderful if the house is decorated with flowers. Flowers will certainly create a beautiful and fresh atmosphere at home. But, if you do not have much time to take care of the flowers, what should you do? Well, decorate the room with artificial flower is a smart choice for you.

Artificial flower is very suitable for those who love the beauty, because artificial flower can be enjoyed every day without the hassle of watering the flowers.

However, artificial flower also need special care to keep it always beautiful and protected from the dust. Here are tips on caring for artificial flowers.

Wipe With Dry cloth
If you sweep or vacuum the floor, usually the remnants of dust will get trapped in your home furniture including attached to artificial flower. To clean it, simply use a dry cloth if the dust is not too much.

Use Spray
To remove dust on the plastic flowers, you should use a spray that is used to clean the glass. Spray the flowers and then dry with a paper towel.

Wash With Soap Water
Soak the flowers in a bucket of soapy water, brush with a soft brush, rinse and dry in a shady place. You can do this process only once a month if you really do not have much time.

The Selection of Vase
You should choose the right vase for your flowers. For artificial flower, you should select a vase that is a bit heavier than usual, it is intended to make the flowers do not easy to fall when exposed to the wind. Or use ballast such as sand or decorative stone to hold it.

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