Utilizing Mirror For Limited Space

mirror for decorationGenerally, a mirror is used to dress up. The mirror is framed with a unique accent, charming, classic or a modern twist, in accordance with the concept of your room. So the mirror can be an alternative decoration to your room.

In interior design, the mirror has important roles. One of the roles is to give the spacious impression to the room. If you have a room that is not too large, you can choose a mirror to work around this. Because the mirror provides a unique character that is, a mirror can reflect the light, so that it can provide the wider impression.

No wonder if the mirror is always used to strengthen the character of the interior elements. The reason is because the mirror can reflect warmth and comfort the architecture of the room.

In a small room, mirrors can be used to manipulate a room. The tricks are used so that the room looks more spacious. Usually people take advantage of the simple furniture or built-in.

Mirror size must also be considered, install mirror according to the room size. If there are many items or furniture in the room, you should not apply as a whole, because it would seem more full and crowded.

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