Wall Décor Idea in Your Bathroom

bathroom décor ideas

Just because you have a small bathroom and most likely there are not too many rooms to play with your creative idea, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your bathroom as comfortable and as beautiful as possible. There are many bathroom wall décor ideas that you can put and make it reality in your bathroom right away.

bathroom wall decor

First you can work on the tiles that go from the floor and up to the wall surface. Play it along with the motif, pattern and color to create unusual effects on your bathroom. If you like to give more touch to your bathroom wall, why don’t you give them mural painting. It was simple enough and you don’t have to work on all walls, just concentrate on one side of the wall and you got the splendid and creative bathroom wall that no one else has.


This concept can be applied to all sizes of bathroom but for specific small bathroom wall decor ideas then you can play with mirrors. Put one large size mirror on your bathroom wall, put decorative shaded lamps on top of it and you get the illusion of bigger and nicer bathroom with soft light that you will enjoy and hopefully the rest of your family too.

small bathroom wall decor idea

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